Let’s not fall down the slippery slope of lazy days and delicious feasts with the family, only to find that the 1st of January, you’ve picked up weight and feeling incredibly downtrodden. It’s all about how you feel, how you felt before the holidays and then during and then after. 

Let’s take a look at these 7 tips on staying in shape (spirit, body & soul) 

  1. Focused focus  

~ I will build my connections and nurture them to nurture my soul ~

The holidays are special, the time where many people take off from work and come together and celebrate the holidays either camping, going away, or staying home. But ultimately, it’s about togetherness and resting your mind and body. Where the focus comes in is making the effort to spend time with those you’ve lost touch with. Go out and see your girlfriends, go out for that coffee you’ve promised months ago, take that drive to your parents and enjoy their company. This will create positive thoughts and help not only your spirit, but your body and soul from going into a slump.

  1. Food is good

~ I am healthy, I eat to function ~

It’s important to know that to have a healthy diet and healthy mindset, it’s good to eat what you’d like, always in moderation of course. Don’t go scarfing down 4 plates of desert after having a full hearty meal. Enjoy the food, don’t fret over it but enjoy it without going overboard.

  1.  No no to a Detox

~ I make consistent healthy eating decisions ~

There is no reason to consider a detox, a quick fix diet, or an eating chart to fix what you ‘broke’ over the holidays. You had a great holiday and there was nothing broken during this time. You’re a healthier person when you can easily go into the new year feeling good about yourself and how well you handled yourself during the holidays.

  1. Home cooked meals 

~I inhale love for myself. I exhale negativity, self-criticism, and anything that doesn’t serve my true self ~

You know the saying that home-grown food is the best food, it tastes better, it’s fresh for longer? Well that is exactly that when it comes to home-cooked meals. It’s certainly a lot more affordable than indulging each meal with something bought at the shops or take-away places. You’d think about what sort of protein you’re likely to enjoy and which veggies would go nicely with them and immediately you’ll feel healthier. I don’t know about you but each meal I cook; my meals would always contain a salad. It makes the meal feel lighter, not so fatty and you don’t feel so full after you’ve eaten.

  1. Lots and lots of sleep – at least 7 to 8 hours

~ I listen to my body and I respect it ~ 

Sleep is good, sleep is healthy, it sets all the right hormones on track and it helps the female body restore and refuel. The holidays certainly make it easier to have a sleep in, or a lazy nap in the afternoons. If you have issues sleeping, this can lead to serious issues you’ll face down the line that will ultimately affect your mindset long-term. Issues such as; energy dips, anxiety, food intake. All it takes is to ensure your belly is satisfied and you relax without electronic devices before getting shuteye. That will help improve your mood, you’ll feel stronger, you’ll notice your weight changing

  1. I like to move it, move it 

~ I enjoy moving my body everyday ~

 Staying still, inactive, doing nothing not only pushes your body down a level, but it also tiers your mind and gives you a sense of no accomplishment and you actually feel more tired than you were. Remember your body has energy, you need to burn this energy some way or another. Instead of considering this as a chore, make it a fun activity with your family or perhaps an activity with your dog. Walking after work, walking during your work day; there’s nothing worse than sitting behind you for so long. There’s stretching before and after a good night’s sleep. It’s about the intent to move, which will fuel your mind and get your mindset on the right path.

  1. Remember the feelings

~ I am present. I am in the moment ~ 

It isn’t automatically happy, jolly times during the Christmas, Holiday season. Sure, you are on leave from work or from college but you may be going through a tough time. There could be a handful of things that could be affecting you negatively; a death in the family, stress from work, a break-up. These feelings are sad, disruptive and numbing especially when you’re on holiday, where you don’t have something to distract yourself with. Figure out what works for you, what will make you feel better? Perhaps it’s sitting outside and letting your skin take in some Vitamin D, perhaps it’s noting down those feelings in a notebook or taking a walk.

It’s important that you know that you are well within your rights to enjoy, unwind and refocus your mind and your body during your holidays, whether it’s Christmas time or just a random long weekend. Anytime you find time to take some leave, enjoy the peace and spend it productively. 

Enjoy the festive season, reach out to have a good chat and stay on track. 

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