Let’s remember that the end of the year is a difficult time, you’re exhausted mentally, physically and the idea of having to keep to a regular diet and exercise perhaps really doesn’t amp you up. 

But remember, just because it’s the 12th month, that doesn’t mean it’s the finish line. 

Let’s go over 7 steps that will help you keep to your goals

  1. Consistency! 

It’s all about consistency, even throughout the year, it’s the drive to be doing something all the time, even if it’s a quick walk around the block. It’s all about the intent of the act! 

  1. Grab a moment! 

It’s holiday season, family & friends want to see you more often, get that much needed catch up. 

However your holiday plans work out, remember to take some time for yourself. If it’s going for a walk, reading a chapter in your book or spending some quality time with your kids. It’s your moment, and it’s very important to take a breather and some me-time.

  1. 0 – 100 is a no!

Anyone you speak to says that they’re tired around this time of year. Your mind needs to refocus and go at an incredible speed to push to lose some stubborn fat in the last stretch of the year, really isn’t something that will work and it will only upset you. It’s the same as eating a delicious slice of cake while eating a salad. It won’t help. Your progress is all about consistency, not speed, but time. 

  1. Something fun! 

Let me tell you, it’s sometimes tedious doing the same thing over and over again. Spice it up and do something creative and active that will stimulate all of your brain’s good chemicals. It’s festive time, so ask your kids for help. 

  1. Find your reason!

A powerful motivator is WHY? Why do you want this? Is it because of an important event in your life? Because once you’ve found your reason, there won’t be reasons to find an excuse to stop. 

  1. Negativity is not your friend. 

There is no worse thing in your life, on your journey to self improvement than negativity. Once you’ve achieved a fitness goal, your mind will clear and feel less foggy, however negativity is a powerful tool to set you in a path that will hinder any progress. 

  1. Understand maintenance

Great, you’ve lost 10kg! How will you keep that weight off? Well it’s important to understand how to keep that weight off. Once you know what foods, how much water, how much exercise is needed to keep you in tip-top shape, it gets easier. 

Download your Free Festive Fitness Fun Calendar to print out. You can join us and move stronger, together during this holiday season.

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