Why are low Calories important to take in?

Eating foods with low calories will help you stay full while eating smaller portions, this reduces weight but also you’ll be taking in what your body needs, not what you think your body needs and you won’t be overeating. 

You can eat a fist full of food. It looks tiny but if you take in the right food, then you’ll have no issue staying full.

~ My will is strong. I take in healthy foods and I make my body strong ~

Take a look at the below 7 Snacks that are Calorie smart and oh so delicious

  1. Boiled Eggs

70 calories

A boiled egg is one of the simplest smart calories to get your hands on, it’s easy to make and yummy when a bit of seasoning is added. There is roughly about 6 grams of protein in 1 boiled egg which will give you the fuel you need throughout the day

  1. Pistachios

80 Calories

There are many benefits to a handful of nuts for a quick snack. They’re delicious for one, but they are full of protein and healthy fats as well as great antioxidants. 

  1. Popcorn

60 Calories

Who doesn’t love a bowl of popcorn, super easy to make especially if you get it poppin on the stove. They are a great source of fiber, they help facilitate weight loss. But this is only healthy if you leave out the buttery goodness that is usually paired up with the movie snack

  1. Almonds

98 Calories

These nuts are a great source of protein and it actually helps lower your cholesterol levels. However this is healthy if you don’t eat too many. They say that 14 Almonds are nearly 100 calories, so always be cautioned when consuming nuts.

  1. Watermelon

90 Calories (2 cups)

This fruit has a lot of benefits, one being that it helps you out with staying hydrated, it’s a naturally suite fruit so there’s that sugar fill your body may be craving 

  1. Dark Chocolate

77 Calories (three blocks)

Dark chocolate does have a bitter taste especially if you do enjoy your normal chocolate, it may be difficult to get used to, however it is very good for you. With a limited amount, your energy levels will increase and you’ll get the necessary doses of magnesium and iron as well as keep your calorie intake low 

  1. Strawberries

80 Calories

These fruits are so good, they are juicy and sweet but also contain a lot of antioxidants that boost your immune system.

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