7 Tips to Focus on Holiday Health

After the fun and festivities of Christmas, it is time to wish you well into the new year of 2023. May supernatural blessings be yours to experience everyday. We often seek opportunities to look after our health by safely and effectively getting our lifestyles back on track at the start of the new year. Let’s […]

<strong>7 Ways to keep motivated and stay consistent!</strong>

~ I can do anything I set my mind to ~ and so I am successful in all my aspirations ~  There’s this switch in your mind that after each year when January rolls around, that you reset your thinking. The new year fuels that desire to be better, do better than the previous year. […]

7 Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Let’s not fall down the slippery slope of lazy days and delicious feasts with the family, only to find that the 1st of January, you’ve picked up weight and feeling incredibly downtrodden. It’s all about how you feel, how you felt before the holidays and then during and then after.  Let’s take a look at […]

7 Body Positive Affirmations

Let’s recap on Affirmations!  What is an Affirmation? It’s all about what you put into your body, and I’m not talking about food, but positive thoughts and positive habits that become a ritual. Something for you to use everyday in whichever way works that will ultimately change your way of thinking.   This is all about […]

7 Spiritual Affirmations to Support Your Spiritual Growth

What is an Affirmation? And why is it so important? Positive statements! That is what an Affirmation is. It’s a saying, a simple statement of positivity that helps you to engage into thinking good thoughts rather than falling victim to negative ones.  Seeing something written out, saying it daily like a ritual; while you dress, […]